Why Manage Your Legal Practice With Litify?

Choosing a new practice management platform for your law firm is no small decision. No matter which solution you choose, you’ll have to invest time and money into the adoption and transition process.

What makes the decision even more difficult is trying to piece together fragmented information from the big-name software review sites, legal-specific review sites, online reviews, and more.

To simplify the research process, we’re breaking down why Litify is the right practice management platform solution for your firm.

If you’re tired of migrating to a brand new tool every few years simply because your business is growing and your old software wasn’t able to keep up, Litify is the perfect solution for you.

The truth is, some of the tools available for managing your practice are built to help you today, but don’t give any thought to tomorrow. They’re able to get you up and running fairly quickly, but the major trade-off that isn’t often talked about is how that quick setup process is going to hold you back in the future.

When your firm starts to expand, you need a flexible practice management solution that can expand with you, without you needing to navigate yet another costly and time-consuming manual setup process.

Litify is that solution.

“Litify is your last migration.” — Reuven Moskowitz, Litify Founder & CEO

  • Customized to fit your exact needs.

    Because Litify is built on the Salesforce platform, you can set up systems entirely customized to fit your needs and workflows today, while also giving you the flexibility to scale without getting bogged down by restrictive, out-of-the-box features.

  • Peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

    With Litify, you’ll no longer have to spend hours on end worrying about whether or not your data security systems are actually secure.

    Beyond the customization and flexibility that come with being built on Salesforce, the Litify platform also gives you top-of-the-line security features to protect your sensitive and confidential data from costly breaches.

  • Easily keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

    No more “2-3 business days” turnaround times for custom reports and updates on the most important metrics for your business. With Litify you can create custom dashboards and reports to quickly track performance across your entire firm.

    And because you’ll already be connecting the third-party tools you still rely on (your accounting software, marketing tools, etc) directly into the Litify platform, these custom dashboards can include any combination of metrics you’re looking for. Advertising spend compared to case values, hours tracked compared to hours billed—whichever numbers matter most to your business, you can monitor them.

Litify vs Practice Management Alternatives

Dozens of cutting-edge law firms have been making the move from fragmented software tools patched together through expensive third-party connectors with no flexibility.

Find out why Litify is becoming the industry standard for law practice management.

Litify Reviews: What Do Users Think?

Jason Krim, Operations Manager, Ricci Law Firm

Moving to Litify has provided our firm with a consolidated intake and case management platform. The superior analytics and reporting allow us to offer better outcomes for our clients as well as plotting the course for the future of the business. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we were able to pivot to a remote environment almost seamlessly; something we would not have been able to do on our old system.

Nicole Armstrong, COO, Rubenstein Law

We liked how often [Litify] updates. I know a lot of legal industry software tends to roll out new versions once a year. But with Litify, there are constant improvements being made. If we have ideas, they listen to them.

Wesley Cagle, Director of Litigation Operations, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

Our decision to move to Litify could not have come at a better time. In the midst of challenging times we are basically running business as usual thanks, in large part, to Litify.

Austin Camp, Marketing Director, Phillips Law Firm

Thanks to Litify, we were able to convert the entire law firm to a remote working operation in about 36 hours, allowing us to continue providing service to our clients in need. The transition has forced us to become solely reliant on our technology which is innovating new improvements to our workflow and processes, further resulting in an improved client experience.

Shawn Lehocky, Chief Strategy Officer, Pond Lehocky

Litify allows us to go places that would take us 5-10 years to get to in the next couple of months, thanks to the automation. We’re very excited to be using a tool that puts us on the cutting edge of the legal industry. We can now provide the best customer service to our clients—they’re already going through a lot and the last thing they should worry about is how they’re being treated by their law firms.

"Whatever your goals are, we can 100% guarantee Litify has a way to get you there." —Sean Landry, Litify Account Executive