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What Security Means at Litify

by: Mackenzie Fenn

December 22, 2021

Everyday legal teams handle confidential materials ranging from medical documents to contracts, so it is understandable that security is top of mind when searching for a legal platform. To ensure the security of not only your information but also your client’s information, Litify’s security measures were recently audited by Secure Being.  

The Litify platform is built on two of the most widely used and trusted cloud platforms: Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The foundation is built and maintained through Salesforce, while AWS is the substructure for key assets within the software such as Docrio, Litify’s very own document management system. 

Salesforce and AWS allow Litify exclusive flexibility and customization while also implementing substantial security measures that are used by major companies across the globe.

Here are some major corporations that rely on Salesforce’s data security measures:

Litify & Salesforce Data Security

All of Litify’s customer data is stored within Salesforce data centers that are maintained through secure servers and are only accessible to authorized administrators. Litify is not an authorized administrator and does not have access to these databases.

Innately, the Salesforce platform presents extensive measures when it comes to being able to access client data such as multi-factor authentication and encryption along with specific user-level permissions. 

The Litify Support team may request Login Access to your database if login is needed to resolve an issue rooted from a customer inquiry. This includes needing to troubleshoot, replicate, or upgrade. 

For Litify Support to gain access, customers must follow the “Grant Litify Support Team Access” process to assure Litify Support may log in to your database with clear permission and authentication. 

How to grant access to Litify’s Support Team in Salesforce

Most importantly, third parties are not allowed to access customer information within Litify. This includes all Litify employees, investors, shareholders, and board members.

Litify & AWS Data Security

Litify manages the storage of documents on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is secured using multi-factor authentication as well as regulated monitoring and alerts. Our engineering team is constantly running security evaluations to ensure protection on our document management platform, Docrio, which is hosted on AWS. 

Access to AWS is restricted to certain personnel internally and externally to the customer’s organization. Litify employees do not have access to any of our customer’s document databases managed through AWS unless we are granted access following a strict approval process. For more information on AWS security, please visit the AWS Data Center website.

The Litify team works tirelessly with Salesforce and AWS to ensure all customer data is 100% secure and unbreachable. To learn more on our security measures and how we can protect your firm’s data today, schedule a call with us

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