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Managing Class Action Lawsuits With Litify

Team Litify

Managing Class Action Lawsuits With Litify

Team Litify

Law firms that handle class action and mass tort lawsuits face the unique challenge of simultaneously organizing dozens — if not hundreds — of similar claims.

Litify’s legal software solutions can help firms break through efficiency barriers and capitalize on multi-plaintiff litigation.

Streamline Case Management With These Litify Features

1. Customizable Questionnaires

Separate high-quality leads from low-quality leads with our dynamic questionnaires. Immediately know which cases are priority, and sign clients up right in the app.

If an individual doesn't meet the specific qualifications for the class action lawsuit or mass tort, an intake agent will be alerted immediately.

2. Dice Dialer

Many firms receive a high volume of phone calls and online intake forms every day. To help your employees know exactly who to call and when, our dice dialer offers priority-based dialer lists that integrate into your phone system. This ensures no one falls through the cracks.

3. Robust Matter Plans

With Litify, every aspect of a case — including discovery documents, pleadings, and court dates — are tracked in a single application.

Matter planslets you dictate firm-wide which pretrial steps should be done, and when. Create specific plans for each team member, manage documents (including medical records) from within the application, set task deadlines, and see tasks through to completion.

4. Built-in Document Management

Litify makes document management and generation simple. Edit, upload, and create new documents on the fly using customizable templates. OCR search allows you to search text within every document in Litify — even PDFs and images — so that you can find exactly what you're looking for every time.

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The legal industry is undergoing major changes, thanks in no small part to technological disruptions. Firms that don’t embrace technology in the highly-competitive legal field may soon find themselves lagging behind. The 21st Century Law Firm will be well-positioned to thrive in an ever-changing litigation environment.

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