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Product Releases

Litify Product Update: Q2 Recap

Team Litify
Product Releases

Litify Product Update: Q2 Recap

Team Litify

The Litify Product Team has been hard at work, releasing new features and improving others to make it even easier for you to increase efficiency and drive adoption. Here’s what’s new this quarter, plus a sneak peak at what’s coming next.

We launched our full Time & Billing solution!

Our first major Time & Billing release, version 5 extends our previous timekeeping solution with a host of major new features to help your firm increase both time capture and bill realization. Here are a few highlights:

  • Automated billing rules ensure your time entries always comply with billing guidelines, so there’s nothing for bill reviewers to write down
  • Smart time capture automatically creates time entries when you generate standard documents
  • Matter budgets keep you on track by automatically displaying billable time and billable amounts against your budget for individual matters
  • Mass billing allows you to generate as many pre-bills as you need with just a few clicks

Associated files (and more!) in Docrio

With Docrio version 10, we’re introducing associated files. When you save multiple files from a single email, those files — and the email they’re saved from — are now connected in our document management system, and you can easily move from between them even if they’re saved in different folders.

This version also includes improved file loading times, the ability to upload files across multiple folders at once from the upload screen, and the ability to use the Edit and Checkout features either as separate actions or a joint action.

We made Matters & Intakes even more user-friendly

Version 27 of our core Matters & Intakes product includes several usability improvements based on customer feedback, including the ability for admins to choose which users are able to override default matter plans, the removal of duplicate status options from the Matter Tasks filter, and support for matter owner changes in organizations using a private sharing model.

Looking forward

At Litify, we’re always working to create products that help make your firm more efficient and more profitable. Here are a few more updates you can look forward to in the coming months:

  • A new conflict checker tool that makes it easier than ever to make sure you don’t have any conflicts of interest across your cases
  • A new, incredibly user-friendly client portal that lets you easily communicate case statuses to your clients, and lets them upload documents which are then automatically added to the matter plan.
  • BillHQ™, a new product from Litify that allows timekeeping firms to send invoices to multiple clients from a single portal, rather than having to log into different eBilling portals for different clients.

At the end of the day, our products are great because the feedback we get from our customers is great. If you’re a current customer, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with questions or ideas.

And if you’re not already on Litify, but want to learn about how you can bring these features (and more!) to your firm, schedule a personalized demo with our team.

Team Litify
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