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Introducing Uplink: Secure, Integrated Video Conferencing for Lawyers

by: Litify

April 24, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the legal landscape, law firms face a choice: evolve, or fall by the wayside.

Litify continues making it a lot easier for them to evolve.

In the age of social distancing, video conferencing has become a must for law firms of all sizes, which rely heavily on client meetings, depositions, and intakes to resolve their cases. While many have flocked to well-known apps, serious security flaws reveal that they were never an ideal solution for attorneys or their clients.

Enter Uplink. Litify worked overtime to roll out the perfect video conferencing product in just a matter of weeks. The result is safe, integrated, user-friendly, and designed specifically for law firms.

“To launch Uplink in record timing is a testament to Litify’s commitment to helping the legal industry through these turbulent times,” said Litify CRO Terry Dohrmann in a press release. “We wanted to ensure lawyers and clients weren’t missing out on crucial face-to-face conversations.”

Uplink Is an Obvious Upgrade for Law Firms

With an impressive array of features, Uplink should be the top video conferencing choice for any law firm that wants to remain relevant.

It’s mobile. Uplink is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, and no application download or additional sign-in is needed to join a call. Clients receive an Uplink invite via text or email, click it, and they’re on.

It’s integrated. To invite a client to a video conference, all an attorney has to do is visit their record and initiate the chat. Uplink does the rest, using the email or mobile number on file.

It’s secure. Uplink is limited to two parties, which prevents unwanted guests from joining (or “bombing”) the conference.

What more could you want from a video conferencing solution?

Litify Rises to Meet Moment With Cutting-Edge Solutions

As law firms fight to keep up in these rapidly changing times, Litify continues to level the playing field by offering game-changing products at lightning speed.

Last month, Litify unveiled LitifyGo, a remote work solution featuring cloud-based mobility, CRM data and tracking, matter management, world-class security, and real-time reports and analytics.

In January, Litify introduced Docrio, an intuitive document generation and management tool tailor-made for legal professionals. (Within hours, one lawyer emailed Litify to say that Docrio had solved 95 percent of his document-related issues.)

Want to learn more about how Litify’s suite of revolutionary, integrated products can transform your law firm? See it in action.

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