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End-to-End Legal Automation with ECFX Notice and Litify

by: Litify

September 28, 2022

The receipt of every electronic court filing (ECF) notice in your inbox marks the start of upwards of 20+ minutes of tedious work to download, profile, store, and route those documents. Multiply this out by the hundreds or thousands of ECF notices a firm receives each month — and the result is a relentless drain on staff time and resources.

In this webinar, Litify VP of Strategy & Innovation Dov Slansky and ECFX CEO & Co-Founder Dan O’Day outlined the seamless integration between these two platforms, as well as the benefits of using them to fully automate your ECF notice processing. Litify can be one central database to control your workflow automation, and with the integration, ECFX will import the data and save documents back into Litify for an end-to-end solution.

Watch it on-demand now and read on for a brief recap of the conversation:

What is ECFX Notice?

Dan O’Day: ECFX Notice automates the processing of electronic court filing (ECF) notices-saving your firm hundreds of hours a week to focus on the work your clients value.

When you receive a court notice, there are a number of steps to take. Check the notice for the client matter number and figure out which case it’s referencing. Log into the court’s website to download the document. Re-upload that document into one or more storage systems. Determine who is on the case team — do you have a distribution list for that? Is it on an Excel spreadsheet? Distribute that notice to the team and update it on the. Create a record to ensure that transaction was completed from start to finish. Some firms still record that on paper.

The reality is though you’re not just getting notices from one court, you’re getting them from all different courts, and it’s multiplied by potentially hundreds of cases. That’s the real pain point here for any typical mid-size firm. Regardless of where these notices are coming from or how you’re receiving them, they all need to be processed and ultimately end up in your document management system.

There’s a huge opportunity and benefit to automating this process. It currently takes upward of 20 minutes to process each one of these notices — automation will significantly decrease that and save you time and cost. The other part is these notices are likely not being processed consistently. One admin may do it differently from the other who does it differently than a lawyer. That’s also a risk management issue. With so many manual steps that may be getting done differently across the firm, there’s a greater risk that the notice isn’t sent on to the correct person, or an attorney was out that day and missed the notification when they came back to work.

You can also standardize the process with automation to ensure it’s done consistently every time. And all this gives you real-time visibility into what’s happening. Do you know how many notices your firm received last week?

What is Litify?

Dov Slansky: Litify is focused on driving better business outcomes for your team and better legal outcomes for your clients by bringing your entire business together onto a single platform — either through our own functionality or partnerships like these.

By sitting across the entire business, we’ve seen these different silos of information, you’re notifying a case team, you’re notifying a calendar team. And that’s just within a single matter.

Our goal is to connect all the different parts of a law firm to bring your business together into a single unified workflow. You can have Litify sit at the center of everything you do. You have time and billing, document management, the court notice system, a calendar system. There are all these different pieces of technology powering your business and we can bring them all together to tear down those legal silos and drive those better outcomes.

End-to-end legal automation with ECFX Notice and Litify

Dov Slansky: Below is a look at Litify, specifically Docrio, our document management system. And you’ll notice a folder there for all your ECFX notices. With the integration, we can funnel all those notice documents back into Litify automatically. Instead of downloading, notifying, and doing everything Dan covered earlier, when one of those notices becomes available, it will automatically make it into the right place every single time.

A folder in Docrio, Litify’s integrated document management system, to store ECF notices automatically.

Dan O’Day: And by automatically, we really mean that as soon as a notice becomes available, the documents will appear in Litify within seconds, usually less than a minute.

Document waiting for you in Litify.

Dov Slansky: Above, here’s the actual document. It’s here, it’s waiting for you, nothing you need to do.

Dan O’Day: The document is only part of it. We don’t just have a copy of the document here. It’s all the detail you need to know about the court notice, alongside the actual notice. And again, it’s instant. No one is filling out these fields, they’re showing up automatically as well because ECFX knows exactly what’s coming out of the court system and we have a dedicated home in Litify where all this information shows up.

Information gleaned from the PDF document and entered into fields in the Litify system automatically.

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