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Building a Better Client Experience Through Transparency

by: Litify

February 13, 2020

Mastering the client experience can be a difficult job; what pleases one client, may not work for another. Law firms spend countless hours developing successful client relationships over the entirety of a project, so why let the final invoice create strain and dissatisfaction for both the client and your firm?

Not all projects are created equal, and with an hourly billing structure, it is crucial for all parties involved to have a clear understanding of where time is being allocated. There is no line-itemed statement of work at the outset of an engagement, so how will your client know that the final invoice they receive is truly indicative of time spent on their project?

Avoiding client frustrations and project price reductions can be solved with one simple thing – transparency. Legal management software can do much more than just create efficiencies within your firm, it can also help deepen relationships with your clients and provide the transparency that the legal industry is so often missing.

A Solution to Time Tracking

Clients are typically billed by the hour, but how is that time being tracked today? Paper time logs, spreadsheets, even standalone time tracking solutions are either outdated or inefficient methods for tracking billable hours. These may accurately represent the total time spent on a project, but they provide very little insight into the nature of the work being performed. By utilizing a fully integrated legal management platform, firms are able to better evaluate the value of their services, while simultaneously providing clients with greater transparency and eliminating surprises at the end of a project.

Very few clients receive a detailed breakdown of what services will be included in a project at the outset, and often for good reason. Typically a firm does not know exactly what will be needed at the beginning of a project and therefore would have difficulty predicting the specific services, calls, emails, meetings, etc. that will be billed. Unfortunately, this can leave clients in the dark and often creates surprises when a matter comes to completion. When individual tasks are not documented throughout the project, firms struggle to justify their billing and may be asked to discount their services. Litify enables attorneys to digitally itemize their work from project outset, all the way to case closure. This provides clients the ability to see exactly what services went into their project, creating transparency and building trust between firm and client.

Time Tracking within Litify

Litify also makes time tracking easier for every employee. Using cloud-based tools, time tracking is easily automated, eliminating the constant need to watch the clock while completing work. Litify also gives employees the ability to track time in a new mobile manner, ensuring that no hours are lost while away from your desk. Most importantly, the Litify platform allows for time tracking to be connected to specific matters in a streamlined fashion, giving you the ability to generate reports and provide transparency to your client.

Ultimately, better client relationships are formed when both parties can be confident in the work that is being done. Law firms deserve to be compensated for their time, and clients deserve to be treated fairly. Let Litify handle the rest.

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