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5 Trends Dominating Legal Tech in 2022

by: Dov Slansky

January 19, 2022

Substantial enhancements in technology have taken the legal industry by storm in the last five years – and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the industry to become more tech-focused than ever before. Check out these five legal tech trends to look out for in 2022 to make sure your legal team is on the cutting edge.


1. Cyber threats are on the rise as lawyers work from home

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic resulting in an increase in employees working remotely, cybersecurity has become more important for law firms and legal departments. While the increase in remote work offers more opportunity for employment, home offices also weaken security and increase opportunity for cyber criminals to gain access to sensitive data. According to an ABA survey, 32% of lawyers admitted to taking a financial hit due to security breaches. That percentage is expected to increase in years to come if proper cybersecurity measures aren’t in place. 

There are ways to avoid breaches and data encryptions – such as using robust security systems, running regular audits, and hosting data on secure platforms. Because we’re built on Salesforce, Litify takes the strongest measures to ensure the security of data, providing multi-factor authentication and encryption to make it nearly impossible for hackers to access your sensitive data. Using stronger cybersecurity tactics and programming is essential for companies in 2022. 

2. Legal process automation is no longer a nice to have

86% of attorneys say they spend too much time on repetitive, administrative tasks which is why internal workflow automations are so important. Rather than being bogged down with cumbersome tasks like creating documents from scratch and revising bills multiple times, lawyers are able to spend time delivering the best outcomes for their clients. 

Leveraging Salesforce’s highly configurable platform, Litify is able to produce hundreds of automations that are uniquely fit for each type of legal team. Partners of Pond Lehocky LLP said that, “Litify has taken us places that would’ve taken us 5-10 years to get to in just months, thanks to their automations.”

We hear from our Full Service Law Firm clients all the time about how frustrating it is to have to login into multiple e-billing portals to submit bills for clients who demand you use a specific system. It’s a waste of time and slows down your payment. That’s why Litify is building a central billing hub for law firms. Watch this short video to learn more about what the billing portal can do for your firm. 

3. Competitive firms are adopting AI

Law firms, like many other areas of service, have found a solution for their due diligence, legal analytics, data management, filing, and storage through artificial intelligence. The American Bar Association Legal Technology Resource Center states that 26% of law firms with 100 or more attorneys rely on Artificial Intelligence for case qualification, predictive intelligence callbacks, case planning, and client communication, which is why Litify incorporates the artificial intelligence system of Salesforce Einstein.

Litify Insights takes the data you already have and turns it into predictive business insights. Law firms can know the quality of a case before it is signed up and the software will automatically guide every associate at your firm through the most effective steps to win a case – all through Artificial Intelligence made possible by Salesforce Einstein. 

4. Lawyers are moving to the cloud, mobile is next

According to a legal management survey from Capterra, 56% of attorneys manage their day to day work using cloud-based software, which has only increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud technology enables legal professionals to access important information from any location when working in the office or at home. As things get back to normal, leading attorneys can keep a competitive edge by having all the information they need accessible right from their phone.

Litify offers a native mobile app for iPhones and Android smartphones so that attorneys can take their work with them on the go.  Whether meeting up with a client or heading to court, top lawyers can reference their case files and any information related to their matters right from their phone.

5. Having transparent data leads to better business

According to a study completed by ALM Intelligence, 90% of legal professionals say that using up-to-date legal analytics and data makes them more well-rounded than ever before, helping them be more efficient when practicing law.  Professionals who lead entire law firms and legal departments need real-time data at their fingertips to make better decisions for their business and improve financial performance.

Litify gives legal teams access to real-time data through robust, fully customizable reporting and analytics dashboards so they can run their legal teams and departments like a high-powered business. Check out what Rubenstein Law, a Litify client, said about the improvement in transparency after implementing Litify.

Litify has everything your law firm and legal department need in order to stay ahead of these legal tech trends in 2022. Reach out for your free demo of Litify today.

Dov Slansky is an accomplished Attorney and Vice President at Litify. Founded in 2015, Litify combines state-of-the-art matter management, document management, analytics, automation, and more into the most powerful, streamlined practice management platform.

Prior to being a founding member of Litify, Dov is a Hofstra Law grad and was an attorney at several mass tort law firms NY area where he oversaw some of the largest dockets of hip replacement and surgical mesh caseloads. Dov subsequently led a technology and operations team at Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s largest injury law firm. Dov is a consumer law firm growth expert and a frequent speaker about law firm best practices for growth.


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