We help legal teams streamline and standardize their services.

Lawyers knew there was a better way to manage their casework, but technology companies didn’t know how to help such a diverse industry.

So we created Litify.

Litify’s mission is to revolutionize how legal services are delivered. We empower legal teams to replicate their best practices at scale with our transparent and extensible platform technology.


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Our Story

For years, lawyers lacked a truly integrated and flexible platform that enabled them to standardize their work.

While other industries were embracing technology to become more efficient and data-driven, the legal industry was still reliant on spreadsheets, physical file cabinets, and multiple one-trick technology solutions to manage their departments and businesses.

In 2016, Reuven Moskowitz set out to change that, bringing Salesforce executives and AM Law 100 firms together to adapt the best platform technology in existence to the unique nuances of the legal industry.

And Litify was born.

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Hundreds of corporate legal departments and law firms of every type trust Litify to help them transform and grow.

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