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Excel with an enterprise platform.

Litify is the most powerful and personalized platform for legal professionals who want to take their work to the next level.


Maximize output and efficiency

Workflows and automation designed to streamline your best practices so your team can handle 2X more matters with the same staff.

  • Surface tasks, dates, and insights based on job function
  • Work from anywhere across desktop, mobile, and email
  • Total control over who can see and edit information

Take control of
your data

Real-time, visual dashboards and easy-to-use reporting provide you with actionable insights to improve operations and grow your business.

  • Unlimited ways to filter data to answer business questions
  • Built-in chart visualizations help you tell a story
  • Edit fields from reports to maintain data accuracy

Never stop improving

Identify areas for improvement using insights from the platform to evolve your process and drive repeated success.

  • Experienced in complex, enterprise implementations
  • The flexibility to update workflows and reports as needed
  • Customer success teams dedicated to your business growth

Top Companies Are Driving Real Results

In the past, it took an agent 45 to 60 minutes to execute the intake process over the phone. Now, the streamlined workflow only takes 25 to 30 minutes.

/ Phillips Law Firm

Top Companies Are Driving Real Results

In the first year on Litify, we saw a 20% increase in revenue by reducing fee variability and driving more consistency across cases.

/ Parrish DeVaughn

Top Companies Are Driving Real Results

With the help of Litify, the firm’s client satisfaction scores have increased 10-15% over the past 12 months.

/ Erickson Immigration Group

Don’t just upgrade
your software,
transform your business

Forward-thinking legal and operations professionals understand business success comes when great technology, people, and process collide. Our team of experts and community of customers and partners provide an ecosystem of experience to help you make lasting business improvements.

The benefits of a powerful platform like Litify only increases over time. Don’t wait to start seeing your business advantage.