Litify for Government

Litify helps legal departments in federal, state and local government entities manage and organize their services, reduce risk with their processes and break down organizational silos

Connect all departments and governmental agencies

Built on Salesforce, Litify offers full access to the robust resources and capabilities of the world’s most powerful and secure platform technology, while equipping lawyers and the entire legal department with the legal features they need to do their jobs well. With Litify’s built-in document management and generation software and endless integration and collaboration possibilities and much more.

Standardized Matter Management

Utilize Litify’s feature-rich matter and task management solution. Automate the assignment of the matter to the appropriate department to ensure cases are handled by the correct legal team. With all of the activity saved in one place, the entire team is kept updated throughout the process.


Use Your Existing Document Management System

Integrate your current trusted document management system with Litify to save and access your important documents. If your organization does not currently have a document management system, Litify offers its own module as well.

Real time Information via Dashboards and Reports

Easy to configure graphical and detailed views of any data on matters, workflow, staff workload, tasks and contracts, available via computer and mobile devices at any time.

Grow With Litify

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