Legal Management Software for Operations & IT

Operations and IT departments need a platform that provides 21st-century security and productivity solutions to grow their firm.

Operations & IT

As part of the operations or IT department, your goal is to ensure the law firm is functioning properly and securely. Litify is an all-in-one legal management platform that provides customizable solutions across all departments, allowing you to open new doors to workflow efficiency and data security.

Today’s Challenges

As an integral part of a law firm, your ability to improve your department directly impacts the overall success of the business. In a changing work environment, teams are often being held back by their own tools. Do you face challenges because of dated technology?

  • Navigating Legacy Systems
  • Dispersed Data
  • Integrating Data


  • Streamlining Processes
  • Transforming Security Standards

How Technology Improves Your Firm

All-in-one legal management platforms like Litify are rewriting the book on how work gets done. With complete platform customization, departments are able to handcraft workflows and security measures that fit their firm’s current and future needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Simple and straightforward legal management platforms provide a world-class user experience. Moving on from dated legacy systems allows users to benefit from 21st-century computing power. With features like point and click configuration and administration, users are able to build, customize and navigate a platform that saves time and improves efficiency.

Real-time data available via robust dashboards

Centralized Data

Teams need information to be accessible and accurate. An all-in-one legal management tool houses all documents, communication, case facts, etc. under one roof. With global search across all data in the system, finding the right information is just a click away.

Third-Party Integration

Your firm is utilizing a variety of third-party applications to operate -- but they lack the ability to communicate with one another. A platform built on Salesforce enables data integration between third-party applications, all in one centralized space. This creates operational efficiencies, a unified user experience, and ensures all relevant information is reportable and accessible to the proper parties.

Increased Productivity

By streamlining specific processes, teams are able to save valuable time and allocate efforts to other projects and tasks. Through the power of automation, repetitive tasks like data entry and client touchpoints can be done through the power of a legal management platform.

Cloud-Based Security

Salesforce’s cloud-based interface provides users with industry-leading security. In an online environment, implementing a cloud-based platform provides the safest form of encryption and data recovery possible.

User Access Controls

Security is the number one priority for law firms. With employees often being the biggest security risk to companies, a legal management platform can help safeguard against possible third-party intrusion. With two-factor authentication, law firms can choose to enforce that users verify their identity through the use of TOTP tokens, U2F protocol tokens, other time-based authenticators, as well as SAML 2.0

Why Litify Benefits Operations & IT

Litify provides a transformative shift for your firm, ushering in a new era of security and efficiency. As key contributors to the daily functionality of your law firm, you need to be on the cutting edge of advancement. Litify provides real-world solutions -- helping law firms adapt to changing times.

World Class Security

Litify leverages Salesforce’s cloud-based security features, built to safeguard the most sensitive data.

Integrations and Customization

Customize Litify to work the way that you do. With full point-and-click configuration and automation, plug and play all your programs through the Salesforce AppExchange.

Task Management

Outline and enforce project steps and deadlines. Every data point and action in the system is auditable and reportable.

Reports and Analytics

Create custom dashboards that track and monitor important data points, giving you a fully scoped view of how your department is operating. Be able to pull real-time data from a centralized location, generating in-depth reports for your KPIs.