Legal Management Software for Law Firms

Are you running your law firm like a 21st century business? Litify's all in one legal technology software combines case management, marketing, analytics, and more into a single, easy to use platform to run your law firm as effectively as possible.

Law Firms

Your clients trust your law firm to provide the best possible legal advice and care. But do you have the right processes in place to deliver a world-class experience? Litify is the missing piece of the puzzle—helping law firms elevate their performance in every way.

Today’s Challenges

Law firms are constantly juggling multiple cases with various deadlines, unique client concerns, and a tremendous amount of information to organize and manage. Without proper processes, organization, and transparency, it’s impossible for law firms to grow to their full potential. Common challenges law firms face concern:

  • Security
  • Public Reputation
  • Disorganized Documents


  • Internal Transparency
  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Outcome Prediction

How to Improve Your Law Firm With Technology

Law firms utilize a variety of technology and software but struggle with how to efficiently use and organize these applications. With the power of an all-in-one legal management platform that streamlines productivity and solves operational questions, law firms are finally able to unleash their full potential.

Improved Security

Cloud-based technology has ushered in a greater level of digital security than on-premise solutions and in-house IT teams can offer. Built on Salesforce, the most secure and trusted cloud, and supported with industry-leading security measures like data encryption and two-factor authentication, you can trust that your data is always protected.

Enhanced Client Relationships

Client-specific features and more consistent communication, like automated emails and text messages, allows law firms to provide a client-centric experience.

Centralized Document Management

Organized document management ensures that notes, briefs, and other important digital communication never get lost. Centralizing all of your firm’s documents allows team members to quickly and easily create, share, and edit any document at moment’s notice.

Clear Reports and Analytics

With access to customizable in-depth reporting, law firms can quickly find key information and assess their KPIs. Analytic tracking allows teams to follow case progress and check individual/team performance.

Automation and Custom Workflows

Building custom workflows that automate repetitive administrative tasks—from data entry to intake touchpoints—allows team members to focus their time on more critical tasks. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by triggering notifications, emails, task management, and approvals.

Forecasting Case Success

By centralizing all matter data, including party information, records and outcomes of resolved cases, law firms are able to better predict outcomes and forecast success.

Why Litify Benefits Law Firms

Litify is more than a legal management solution. Built on Salesforce, the platform opens new doors for growth and development. By infusing cutting-edge technology into law firms, data-driven decisions become easier, case management gets simpler, and the client experience improves.

World-Class Security

Litify leverages Salesforce’s cloud-based security features, built to safeguard the most sensitive data.


Quickly and efficiently manage communication, syncing your Outlook e-mail and calendar with Litify.


A straightforward document management and generation platform built right into Litify. Build, edit, share and find the right file the first time, every time.

Client Portals

Provide clients with easy access to the case updates they need.


Create transparency around the status of cases, tasks, employee workload, and client outcomes through the entire case lifecycle.


Build confidence with potential clients and establish better outcomes with best practices for intake screening and customer relationship management.


Make data-driven decisions through customizable and automated reporting.

Integrations and Customization

Customize Litify to work the way that you do, with full point-and-click configuration. Open APIs, dedicated Litify partners, and access to thousands of apps through the Salesforce AppExchange make it simple to create one seamless, easy-to-use platform.