Legal Management Software for In-House Counsel

Litify's all in one legal technology software gives In-House Counsel the tools to create an efficient, streamlined workflow to improve their business.

In-House Counsel Software

Any in-house counsel is required to shuffle between a wide range of legal responsibilities. From tax filings to regulatory matters, general counsel members are asked to be responsive and versatile. But many in-house attorneys are ill-equipped to efficiently do their job. Litify provides an adaptable legal management platform to solve every problem that crosses your desk.

Today’s Challenges

Whether you are part of a team of lawyers or a single legal advisor, in-house counsel are charged with helping protect and advise business interests. Having a voice at the decision table requires lawyers to provide accurate information and deep insight to their fellow colleagues. When inefficient systems and procedures exist, in-house counsel are unable to maximize their value. Common challenges they face include:

  • Inefficient CRM Use
  • Transparent Financial Tracking

  • Disorganized Email
  • Absence of Integrations

How to Improve Your Business With Technology

Technology has revolutionized how businesses operate. While the adoption of advancements that enhance business-to-customer relationships have been quick, in-house technology improvements have been slower in comparison. The implementation of in-house systems like an all-in-one management platform can reshape the productivity, efficiency, and decision making of any business.

Centralized Contact Information

The organization and centralization of contact/party information eliminates the potential loss of important email addresses, phone numbers, messages, etc. Now every conversation is able to be tracked and reviewed, ushering in a more accurate, detailed relationship-building process.

Clear Reporting & Analytics

Custom reporting enables businesses to isolate specific expenses, marketing figures, production orders, and other KPIs in order to make more informed data-driven decisions. Comprehensive time-tracking analytics also helps teams identify procedure error and audit task management.

Streamlined Email Dashboards

Using an all-in-one management platform solves the issues associated with working out of your email. Users are able to share and save files directly from their inbox -- with a click. Now individuals are able to seamlessly view related email matter data inside the same window -- no more jumping between tabs or screens.

Third-Party Application Alignment

Integrate all your applications under one roof, working inside one powerful platform. Using simple API connections, you are able to intertwine thousands of apps with a custom workflow built for your business.

Why Litify Benefits In-House Counsels

Built on Salesforce, Litify is a management platform that delivers an exceptional user experience, while helping businesses discover new opportunities for growth and service. Incorporating a technologically advanced system like Litify, enables in-house counsel to unlock a new degree of achievement. Daily work becomes more organized, more analytical, and more accurate -- simplification starts here.


Work within an organized platform that makes navigation and data collection straightforward. Locate, share, and collaborate with team members on centralized information.

Reporting & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions through customizable and automated reporting. Seamlessly create individual dashboards that track specific KPIs important to your role.


Quickly and efficiently manage communication, syncing your Outlook e-mail and calendar with Litify - all while being able to connect correspondence to related documents and matters.

Custom Integrations

With full point-and-click configuration, customize Litify to work the way you do. Open APIs, dedicated Litify partners, and access to thousands of apps through the Salesforce AppExchange make it simple to create one seamless, easy-to-use platform.