Legal Business Management for
Full-Service Law Firms

Litify’s integrated, configurable platform empowers your firm to standardize best practices and transform your business with greater transparency, insights, flexibility and automation.

Litify for Full-Service Law Firms

Litify is a complete legal business management platform built on Salesforce—the world’s most trusted, secure and powerful platform technology. Manage your entire law firm from one interface—matter management, task management, billing and more—and rapidly evolve with a system that is both flexible and configurable enough to accommodate your unique business needs and aspirations.

Real-Time Insights (At Login)

Law firms are constantly juggling multiple cases with various deadlines, unique client concerns, and a tremendous amount of information to organize and manage. Without proper processes, organization, and transparency, it’s impossible for law firms to grow to their full potential. Common challenges law firms face concern:

  • Silo’d Information
  • Inefficient Processes
  • Inconsistent Client Experience
  • Weak Digital Security
  • Disorganized Documents
Litify My Attorney Dashboard Full Service

Transform Your Law Firm With Litify

Our integrated and flexible operating system empowers law firms to create firm-wide structure that supports their best practices, provides more value to clients and delivers next-level client service. Access the legal-specific features you need to do your job well, customize the platform and automate the processes to support what you can only dream of now, and integrate thousands of apps from Litify’s trusted partners and the Salesforce AppExchange.

Leverage all business relationships

Gain transparency into each party record and matter so you know when and how to cross-sell. See a client’s entire history in one snapshot, including every matter and communication, and find answers quickly without having to ask for updates.

Litify Full-Service Timeline

Make informed business decisions

Monitor the pulse of your business with configurable reports and dashboards. Track the bill realization rates, processing speed and more so you can spot negative trends before they become a problem.

Litify Billing Dashboard Full Service

Quickly optimize and grow

Our customizable, extensible platform adapts to you. Work collaboratively among multiple offices with our cloud-based, mobile platform. Expand exponentially with continuous every year and endless configurations—you’ll never outgrow us.

Become more efficient

Establish clear processes and automate routine tasks. Automate any process by triggering a chain of communication, alerts, tasks or approval processes when a particular event occurs.

How Litify Benefits
Full-Service Law Firms

Access everything you need to transform your business from one platform. Litify is more than just a collection of features—it’s a new way to think about how you deliver legal services.

World-Class Security

Safeguard your most sensitive information with data encryption, two-factor authentication, data redundancy, and more.

Real-Time Insights

Make data-driven decisions through configurable and automated reporting. Real-time dashboards allow you to keep a pulse on the KPIs most important to you.

Simplified Integrations

An open API, trusted Litify partners, and access to thousands of apps through the Salesforce AppExchange make it easy to operate from one seamless platform.

Improved Client Experience

See every client interaction, organize contacts, identify internal ownership, and spot opportunities for increased engagement. Leverage SMS, automate communication and update clients in real-time with our client portal.

Transparent Task Management

Assign ownership and deadline to manage individual and team responsibilities. Standardize best practices with clear approval processes and sequenced tasks.

Integrated Email Management

Access Litify right from your Outlook inbox. Sync your calendars to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and save email threads directly to the corresponding matter.

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Document Management and Generation

Quickly and easily generate, edit, share and find documents with Docrio, the document solution built for Litify. Transform your document library with OCR search and customizable templates.

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Built-In Timekeeping

Make billing a breeze with our integrated timer. Track billable hours, easily distinguish between billable and non-billable time and establish rates by client or matter.

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Mobile Accessibility

Litify’s cloud-based platform allows you to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Use our mobile app for greater convenience when you’re on the road.