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Track, Manage, and Monetize Referrals

Litify Referrals is the attorney network for the digital age, helping you give more referrals, get more referrals, and strengthen and expand your business with partner firms. When a lead isn’t right for your firm, our intelligent referral network pairs the client with an excellent attorney at another firm. Sign up leads from other firms instantly on any device, manage your referral inventory and history at a glance, and grow your business beyond its current boundaries. Communications, tracking, and payment are fully automated.

Send Referrals

Create a new referral in seconds using the Litify web or mobile app. Litify’s predictive engine uses data to select the perfect firm for your case and sends the referral with a single click. Monitor the status and transaction history of each case from your outbound referral list.

Receive Referrals

Join the vibrant Litify network and begin receiving referrals immediately. Interact with your incoming referrals right from your email and mobile device, saving you time on every referral. As the Litify network grows, you’ll have expanded opportunities to build new relationships.

Inventory Management

You no longer need to spend time gathering status updates from all of your referral partners. Litify automatically manages your referral inventory and makes sure that you always have the most current information about each case. You receive notification the moment something changes.

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