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Treat every case like your best case

Litify Matters allows you to manage matters like a business. Dictate replicable business processes to provide a consistent and predictable client experience, and scale your business by defining set steps for each matter type and phase. Complete integration including time, storage, calendaring, emails, and phase specific documents, ensures the task is completed, and completed right every time.

Dynamic Matter Plans

With our dynamic matter plans each attorney can implement a consistent formula for a successful case. Immediately once a matter is opened it will prepopulate with all of the most important tasks and events related to that specific matter. Ensure that a key date is never missed and that your team is always ahead of the curve with each and every case.

Productivity Management

Integrate your email, calendar and documents all within the Litify application. Simply open up the matter and quickly get up to speed on the entire history of the case. Generate documents from pre designed templates and save them directly to the matter. Assign tasks to other members of the team and see them through to completion. Easily keep the entire matter team in sync by collaborating within the Litify app.

AppExchange Integrations

Take advantage of 100's of potential integrations to supercharge your Litify experience. The mailroom, the courtroom and the marketing team can all be linked depending on the needs of your firm. Utilize tools such as Survey Monkey and Twilio to improve your client interactions and client satisfaction. You are no longer constrained by the tools provided. With easy to bolt on integrations your matter management is yours to customize.

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