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Every qualified lead, a client

With Litify Intakes every qualified lead becomes a client and every client becomes a customer for life. But Intakes is not just about optimizing your processes, it’s about establishing communications at the core of your firm. It’s about understanding the top of the funnel of your business, and how to automate communications - whether to a potential client, past client, or referral source.

Client Information

Your client information is your most prized possession. Creating a new client is a simple, quick process that allows you to securely store all of the relevant client demographic data alongside important data for your firm. Be it the source that you received the client from or the history of your interactions with the client, all of the information is available in an easily accessible way.

"DICE" - Litify's Native Dialer Solution

Deciding which clients to call and when can be a daunting task as leads begin to build up. DICE (Dynamic Intake Calling Environment) provides the ability to build automated lists that present the correct person to call at the correct time. An intake agent can simply login and DICE will serve up the next appropriate lead for them to call leaving your agents to only click to call to be connected to a client.


A firm's intake questionnaires are the pulse that drive the entire intake process. Our intelligent questionnaires allow you to dictate a consistent screening process. Your intake team will be guided down a custom path that directs you to the relevant questions for each individual case ensuring that your attorneys have all the necessary information and that your clients have a pleasant onboarding experience.

Case Qualification

Setting criteria for which cases to accept will ultimately determine the quality of the cases your firm will sign. Our case qualifying engine allows you to ensure that your firms case criteria are followed each and every time. Once a client passes the screening process they can easily be signed instantaneously via mobile device or any other channel that you choose.

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