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Metrics that matter

Litify Insights is a data layer that connects all of your Litify applications delivering the insights you need to properly run your firm. Create and automate easily digestible reports that allow you to understand every part of your business and take action. With advanced reporting into, the status of each case, your organization and personnel, your financial performance, you are empowered with real insights to improve and transform your business.

Dynamic Reporting

Insights provides you with many pre-built reports that address the key business concerns that your firm experiences on a constant basis as well as the ability to customize your reports on demand. Immediately drill down within these reports to view the data on a more granular level and pinpoint specific areas of concern. Your reports are only limited by your imagination.


Easily aggregate your most important reports into a dashboard format that allows you to view your metrics that matter at a quick glance. Arm every leader in your practice with dashboards to monitor individual as well as team performance.


Automatically receive your favorite reports and dashboards directly to your mobile device. You no longer have to remember to check how every aspect of your firm is performing. The data is delivered on a scheduled basis to you so that you can consume the information and immediately take action.

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