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Transforming The Case Referral Process

The Litify Referral Network is designed to be a user-friendly solution that allows for more efficient case management, tracking, and routing. With just a few clicks, you can refer and update cases right from your dashboard.


Find the best-suited partner firm to handle any particular referral


Save precious time reviewing and accepting case referrals, right from your inbox

Track every case with ease right from your dashboard

Connect with attorneys nationwide from a variety of practice areas

Monetize every case referral by setting customizable referral agreements

Easily share your areas of expertise to attract the right referrals

Maintain comprehensive records of all referrals in one application

Receive new referrals from the Litify Referral Network daily

One Powerful Community

The Litify Referral Network is built on a community of law firms and attorneys that are committed to the most optimal outcome for their clients. Litify makes the case referral process more efficient, while cultivating professional relationships through thousands of new case opportunities every day.

“Since using Litify, we experienced a 100% growth in the total number of cases we refer out each month.”

Sam Pond

Owner, Attorney at Law