How to get the Most Out of the Trial Lawyers Summit

In less than two weeks, we’ll head south to join the nation’s top civil plaintiffs’ and criminal defense attorneys at the Trial Lawyers Summit, held this year in Miami Beach from January 20 to 23.

Between the plethora of educational sessions, vendor exhibits and social gatherings, the Summit can be overwhelming for first-time attendees. But, if you take the time to prepare a strategy, you’ll be able to make the most of this unforgettable event.

Thinking through the following five questions will help you take advantage of everything the Summit offers.

  • What do you want to learn? This is the most important step, as it dictates which sessions you’ll attend. Given our business focus, we’re especially excited about Tuesday’s sessions on client intake and conversion. Drill down on your key goal for attending and make sure you arrange your schedule to achieve that goal.


  • What problems does your firm need to troubleshoot? Do you have any current vendors who are attending the show? If so, this is the perfect time to talk to them about your needs for customization or problems you’d like resolved. At the Summit, you’ll have easy access to vendor representatives who will be delighted to problem-solve with you. If not, you may still find yourself networking with others who have encountered—or overcome—similar problems. Organize your thoughts ahead of time so you can get the most from these interactions.


  • What are your firm’s new technology or support needs? Talk with your colleagues and staff to assess your current roster of tools and evaluate whether there are any gaps you’d like to fill. Before you arrive in Miami, do a bit of research on the attending sponsors to see whether any of them have services you’d like to explore. By studying the vendor’s products and solutions in advance, you’ll have a more productive discussion. Don’t forget to collect business cards and sales collateral (and swag!) so you can continue the conversation later.


  • Who do you want to meet? Don’t get so caught up in sessions and vendors that you skip networking. You’ll have many opportunities to interact with your peers; make time to chat with these new contacts over coffee or drinks, a meal, or before and after sessions. Your fellow attendees are a potential gold mine of information about best practices, tools, and techniques. Chances are, they’ve dealt with challenges similar to yours (and don’t forget to bring extra business cards to exchange).


  • How will you record what you learn? With so much information coming at you in such a short time, it’s essential that you take notes that will be decipherable later. Plan ahead and bring a notebook or a tablet, or consider recording a voice memo on your phone or jotting down ideas in an app like Evernote. Calendar some time shortly after your return to reflect on what you learned and who you met, share your learning with the rest of your team, and create a to-do list so you’ll be sure to follow up on tasks and conversations.

While you’re in Miami, please join us, along with Esquire Bank and Shea Barclay Group, for a happy hour on Monday, January 21 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. We’ll be in the South Cabana at the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel, located just one block from the Summit. We’ll have complimentary food, drinks and cigars, and we’d love to meet you. Please visit our invitation to register.


We look forward to seeing you at the Summit and our happy hour!


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