Where is the future of law going, and how can you ensure your firm arrives at the right destination?

At the 2019 LitiQuest Conference, learn from the brightest legal, technology, and marketing minds, who will share the business opportunities and challenges that they see on the horizon.

In addition, this year’s conference will be held at a venue considered an icon of 20th-century modern architecture – the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport.



Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research, Salesforce. Mr. Coffee is a thought leader on emerging trends in technology and how it impacts customer experience.

Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer and CEO of Robot Lawyer LISA. Ms. Lightfoot heads the research, development, and deployment of legal AI solutions for businesses and consumers.

John Morgan, Founder of Morgan & Morgan, P.A. The founder of the country’s largest personal injury firm and author of the best-selling books ‘You Can’t Teach Hungry’, and its follow-up, ‘You Can’t Teach Vision

Samuel Pond, Managing Partner of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano. Hosts the weekly Legal Eagles radio show and founding partner of the largest workers’ compensation firm in Pennsylvania.

Keith Mitnik, Senior Trial Counsel at Morgan & Morgan, P.A. and author of the best-selling trial guide, ‘Don’t Eat The Bruises

Followed by a cocktail reception on the tarmac of the TWA Hotel, with exclusive access to Connie the cocktail lounge in a repurposed Lockheed Constellation L-1649A.



Choose from a range of hands-on sessions, from digital marketing and Google search best practices to workshops on matter, workflow and document management.

  • Giving Your Clients What They Are Searching For, Focusing on Google Search: Leverage the latest search and content marketing strategies to be one step ahead of your clients, predicting their needs.
  • Critical Marketing Strategies To Succeed in a Highly Competitive Market, presented by Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG).
  • How to Leverage Analytics to Scale your Firm Through Digital Marketing, presented by BluShark Digital
  • ‘Grow Your Firm’ Sandbox: Register for free and immediately start sending and receiving cases via the Litify Referral Network, a free app that allows law firms to send, receive and track referrals.
  • Matter Financials: Improve the managing of a matter’s financials, including methods for effective negotiations, maximizing settlements and ways to ensure damages are paid out.
  • Workflow Improvements: Effortless task completion and updates, clear recording of injuries and managing client treatment.
  • Custom Questionnaires: Create a systematic approach to data and case screening and safeguard the intake process.
  • Funding your Cases, via the Esquire/Litify Insight app. Presented by Esquire Bank.
  • Legal Funding, presented by Westbury Management Group, LawCash and Ardec Funding.
  • Redefining Your Workflows, presented by LegalOps and Brio Solutions.

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