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“Once the case has been onboarded, Litify will show who the parties are and the list of calendar events. In the first week, what do I need to do? If there is a trial, what are the deadlines? It helps attorneys to keep track and stay on top of the State rules and what is required to comply with them. All of that shows up in my dashboard or calendar,” — Jason Thomas, Chief Information Officer, Cole, Scott & Kissane

Cole, Scott & Kissane — Florida’s leading defense firm — is a full-service law firm with thirteen office locations across the state and over 500 attorneys. The firm closed 6,095 files in the last 12 months that had an average lifecycle of just 100 days. As a high-growth law firm, Cole, Scott & Kissane needed a platform that could grow and scale with them.

With Chief Information Officer Jason Thomas at the helm, the firm went through a two-year selection process to find the right solution. The evaluation process included Nulaw, Filevine, Aderant Case — and Litify. And going forward, the Litify platform will now help attorneys to manage their calendaring, tasks, and budgets, which are surfaced in Litify’s dashboard.

We sat down with Jason Thomas himself to learn more:

You can learn more about Cole, Scott & Kissane’s selection process in this exclusive LegalIT Insider article.

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