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AJ Bruning, a St. Louis accident injury attorney and partner at the Bruning Law Firm, has always been very hands-on in adopting the latest technology for his firm.He started out with a simple case management system when he left the Circuit Attorney’s Office in the City of St. Louis and established his own practice.

Even though using that software put his firm ahead of the curve, he soon realized that it lacked the level of data analytics, reporting, and customization he needed to run his business efficiently.

“I wanted a software that worked with the way I was already working, not one that required me to change my practice to suit how the system was designed,” said Bruning. “I had to conform my practice to the old software, and that made my team and me more inefficient.”

He then implemented a leading CRM platform, which allowed his team to improve their efficiency by customizing their system and analyzing the data they’ve collected.However, it wasn’t designed specifically for law firms and Bruning had to customize the software for his practice – which was a substantial undertaking.

Even though he had done most of the customization on his own in the past, Bruning recognized it’s time to work with a team of experts who know how to develop a robust system tailored to his needs.

A Robust Software Platform Designed For Law Practice

Bruning came upon Litify and was impressed by its level of sophistication – it allows him to leverage the powerful Salesforce platform while customizing the software to meet the specific requirements of running a personal injury law practice.

With the customization, Bruning can now get the data and analytics he needs to run his firm effectively and efficiently with just a few clicks.

In addition, he’s impressed by the frequent updates and improvements made to the platform, available to all Litify clients at no extra cost.

“Now I have a team of developers working on my software while I work on my business. I don’t have to worry about constantly updating the system to stay on the cutting-edge. I can leave it to Litify so I can focus on signing and closing cases,” said Bruning.

A Quick And Painless Transition

No stranger to adopting new technology, Bruning understood the complexity of transitioning to a new system.

Even though the Bruning Law Firm had a large amount of data that needed to be migrated onto the Litify platform, the transition took only one and a half weeks and no data was lost during the process.

The Litify team was highly involved in the migration and provided dedicated resources to ensure a smooth transition.

“The Litify team is very responsive and easy to talk to. I know they’re listening because I often see my feedback reflected in the next software update,” said Bruning. “Having customized a few software on my own, I have a good understanding of this platform’s potential and I’m very excited about the possibilities.”

Rallying And Onboarding the Internal Staff

It’s not often “plug-and-play” when it comes to getting the staff onboard when switching over to a new platform.

Bruning paved the way to this transition by getting his support staff to talk about the shortcomings of their old system and gearing the conversation to what an ideal software would look like before he brought in Litify as the solution.

When he introduced Litify to the team, they saw how Litify matched up with their ideal platform and were excited to hop on the new system.

Since the team was familiar with Salesforce, the transition went smoothly. The intuitive interface also means that new employees are able to ramp up very quickly, reducing training time so they can become productive within a short time.

Bruning also has a piece of advice for his fellow Litify users:
“Identify what your perfect system would look like and share your ideas with Litify. You’ll be amazed at how close you can get to building it out.”

Conversion Rate Increased By At Least 10% In Just 3 Months

While his firm uses the entire suite of Litify products, Bruning is most impressed by Intakes’ dynamic questionnaire, which helps his team streamline the client intake process.

In addition, Intakes allows them to gather data and measure metrics that were not available to them in the past.

Now they can just click a few buttons and see the status of all the cases – e.g., where they came from, whether they have been responded to, and where they are in the pipeline.

Gone are the days when Bruning had to chase down multiple spreadsheets to find out what’s going on in his firm.

He can now see and understand the status of all cases at a glance on one easy-to-read dashboard, updated automatically in real-time.

Since adopting Litify, Bruning said they’ve increased their conversion rate by at least 10%. (He wasn’t able to provide a more specific number simply because his previous software didn’t offer the level of analytics that’d allow him to do a comparison.)


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