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Founded in late 2016, Litify was born out of the dream of forever changing the way that legal services are rendered. Our thesis is that both attorneys and clients are eager to find a better way to interact and to manage their cases. From finding a lawyer to winning a verdict in the courtroom Litify would like to be there at every step guiding every aspect of the process.

We are finally on our way to realizing that dream. With many new clients signing up every day, Litify is quickly becoming a household name in the legal industry. With every client that signs with Litify the behavior of the legal community shifts ever so slightly. The excitement has just begun!

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Team Litify

Reuven Moskowitz


Reuven’s passion is building and growing innovative businesses. In addition to founding Litify, Reuven serves as COO of Morgan & Morgan, a law firm with 30 offices and over 300 attorneys. At Morgan, he saw the need for a new software solution built on Salesforce to provide insights and operating efficiency to the firm. Litify was born out of John Morgan’s and Reuven's vision to revolutionize the business of law. Reuven was previously Senior Director of Mobile for Shutterfly after selling his startup (Penguin Digital) to the company. Reuven is a Harlan Fiske Stone graduate of Columbia Law School.

Ryan Hallman

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Hallman has built his career around the transformative power of software, both as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Ryan has held a variety of leadership positions at Salesforce and other hi-tech companies over the last 17 years in Sydney, San Francisco and New York. Most recently as Director, Solution Strategy at Salesforce, he worked on sales and product strategy, with a particular focus on platform product architecture, innovation and go to market. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Sydney, with a BE in Software Engineering (Honors). He received his Masters of Commerce degree from the Australian School of Business.

  • Steven’s career at Litify was born out of his days managing product and operations at Morgan & Morgan. Steven was confounded by how far the legal industry lagged behind other verticals when it came to modern business applications. His time at Morgan & Morgan, coupled with his insatiable desire to build something other than his son's discarded lego set prompted Steven to strategically mold Litify.


    Steven Mandel

    Chief Product Officer
  • You would think from Terry’s title that his main focus is money, but the thing that truly matters to him is making Litify clients successful...and the revenue will follow. That is something he learned in his leadership roles at Salesforce, Seagate and British Telecom. His mission at Litify is to build an amazing, high powered sales team while maintaining a culture of learning and philanthropy.


    Terry Dohrmann

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Sohail spent 9+ years tearing it up at Salesforce, delighting customers, making friends, selling Services and building cool things before he decided he wanted to see how the world worked outside Salesforce. In his spare time, he cooks for his family, takes pleasure in watching sports, loves to tinker with new technology and read up on his favorite subject - Airplanes.


    Sohail Sikora

    VP of Engineering
  • Litify combines Brian's two main passions, innovation and the law. Brian comes to Litify from FirstMark Capital, one of the country's leading venture capital firms. As COO/GC of FirstMark, Brian was instrumental in investments in dozens of tech companies, including Pinterest, Shopify, Lumosity, League of Legends, and Invision. Brian has been interested in the intersection of law and technology since his Yale Law School days.


    Brian Kempner

    Chief Operating Officer
  • As a child Noah tinkered with electronics and puzzles and was employed as a software developer before he hit his teenage years. Somewhat more recently, Noah joined Litify from Morgan & Morgan where he had helped build a software solution to aid their large law practice.


    Noah Blumenthal

    Senior Engineer
  • Chris asks a lot of questions that start with “why?” and does not put much weight in answers that end with “because that’s how we’ve always done it.” He likes working for companies that have zero loyalty to precedents. He enjoys learning, simplifying, and finding ways to make things work better. Before Litify, he wore many hats at Appboy where he solved business challenges using Salesforce and other transformative software.


    Chris Pulliam

    Product Manager
  • Since an early age, Aldo has felt connected to technology; his favorite toys were a screwdriver and a Commodore 64 computer. He’s a passionate teacher and learner. In 2008, destiny brought him to Salesforce. Since then, he lives and breathes on a multi-tenant cloud. His weekend schedule is fully booked with family, BBQ and “fútbol.”


    Aldo Fernandez

  • Oleg has been working with the Salesforce platform since Apex and Visualforce were introduced and SControls became a thing of the past in force.com world. Last 5+ years of his career Oleg spent at Salesforce.com architecting and implementing enterprise grade solutions on salesforce platform for large world wide companies.


    Oleg Rikkers

  • Daniel brings a diverse background to Litify and is excited about contributing to the platform that will optimize the way legal services are handled. Prior to Litify, Daniel worked at Compass where he assisted in the development of their project management software.


    Daniel Dinh

  • Sam came to Litify by way of WeWork Community Management, which instilled within him the passion to ensure the complete success of his customers, and the drive to leverage technology in solving everyday challenges. He is all about attending local NYC Meetups, is an avid runner, big-time reader (commuting to Brooklyn will do that to a man) and is obsessed with learning new concepts, skills & ideas.


    Sam Weinstein

    Customer Success Manager
  • Dov is an attorney and has been for almost 10 years - including a couple at Morgan & Morgan. But what he has been for far longer than that, is interested in knowing how things work. Since an early age he has been tinkering with things to figure out how they work best. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Dov will gladly break down your firm's processes and show you a better way forward.


    Dov Slansky, Esq.

    Solutions Engineer
  • For the past decade Alfredo has been a sales leader at major corporations including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and most recently LinkedIn, where he was a founding member of their Sales Solutions Division with a focus on financial services. Alfredo's excited to now help law firms leverage cutting edge technology to make them more efficient. A native of New Orleans, Alfredo is a graduate of Tulane University.


    Alfredo Sanchez Montenegro

    Senior Account Executive
  • A Brooklyn native for over 25 years, you'll find Katherine constantly munching on something no matter the time of day, making friends with stray cats, and brainstorming ways to keep the people of Litify happy, motivated, and well-fed. Prior to joining Litify, she recruited technical talent for investment banks and hedge funds and taught a summer's worth of 8th grade algebra.


    Katherine He

    People Operations
  • Making complex things elegant makes Max very, very happy. A background in project management, education, and design inform his approach to client engagement, which prioritizes the big picture alongside critical details and outstanding user experience.


    Max Lieberman

    Product Strategy Manager
  • Matt has been a native Brooklynite for just under 30 years. After 10 years of customer service experience, Matt has joined Litify to help streamline the customer experience, and assist Litify in its mission to revolutionize the legal industry. When he's not at his desk, Matt volunteers with different organizations to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS research.


    Matthew Foley

    Customer Support Analyst

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