Trial Lawyers Summit – Recap

February 5, 2019

By: Ammad Sheikh

The National Trial Lawyers Summit was jam packed with informative and exciting sessions, celebrity guests and filled to capacity with the top trial lawyers across the country. The electric atmosphere rolled right into the night with luxurious after parties and incredible entertainment.

The NTLS was an event that attorneys will be talking about throughout the year. Although it was a packed house, there were still so many that couldn’t make it. If you couldn’t make it, here are some highlights to keep you in the loop.

1. Nick Saban is a Legend!

Alabama Football coach, Nick Saban, was the keynote speaker at the Summit. Everyone that was attending the conference came to see Coach Saban. His stories of the need to pivot and make adjustments in a game in order to win really resonated with the attorneys. The need to adapt and change with the industry is key to staying successful and growing your business. How are firms seeing success on this front? Data, data and more data! Access to your firm’s data is key to understanding your business, transparency in your firm and knowing when strategic pivots need to be made.

“What separates mediocre teams from the highest performing ones: “The MINDSET of the people in your organization” – Nick Saban







2. The Achievements

The NTLA honored the top trial teams and lawyers of the year, and inducted its class of 2019 Hall of Fame members.







Hall of Fame Inductees

  • James F. Boccardo
  • Francis Hare, Sr.
  • Myron Beldock

Mass Tort Trial Team of the Year

  • Brent Wisner
  • David Dickens
  • Mark Burton

Products Liability Trial Team of the Year

  • Frank Branson
  • Chip Brooker
  • Debbie Branson
  • Eric Stahl

Class Action Trial Lawyer of the Year

  • Bob Clifford

Medical Malpractice trial Lawyers of the Year

  • Brian McKeen
  • Kennan Dander

Trucking Trial Lawyer of the Year

  • Brent Goudarzi

Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer of the Year

  • Benjamin Brafman

Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyer of the Year

  • Mark Lanier

Congratulations to all of these incredible attorneys on their achievements!

3. Evander Holyfield Making an Appearance!

The champ was at the Summit! Holyfield was immediately mobbed by everyone wanting to take pictures with him. Holyfield was always known as being one of the undersized heavyweight champions and showed grit and a lot of heart in some of his biggest wins! There is much that we can learn from him. Finding the right people and leveraging progressive and innovative systems to streamline operations and boost efficiency at your firm can give even the small firms the tools they need to compete with the heavy hitters in our own industry.









4. The Parties! The Parties!

Conference attendees had plenty of options when it came to after-hours entertainment. The NTLA hosted their own party with a luxurious dinner and an exclusive live performance from America! The Surfcomber, the SLS and the Versace Mansion all hosted parties as well. Fine dining, hand-rolled cigars, rooftop cabanas, pools and drinks. The amazing day at the conference led to a night of networking, fun and entertainment.