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Personal Injury Matters Release : Injuries and Treatments

by: Litify

January 31, 2020

Introducing the Injuries & Treatments Object

Your clients reach out to you to be heard, understood, and championed. But they also need help throughout the process of their case and overall recovery. In order to help you provide the best service for your clients, Litify’s legal platform now supports a dedicated Injuries & Treatments object. Easily document personal injuries and ensure your whole team is on the same pageregardless of who picks up the phone when a client calls. 

Read on to see how Litify’s Injuries & Treatments object can add a competitive edge to the way you approach personal injury law.

injuries and treatments object

Easily navigate to the injuries tab within a matter.


Monitor Pain Levels

Monitor reported injuries by checking in with your client about their pain levels. In a matter of seconds, agents can review and create time-stamped records of how your client is feeling.

Quickly update and reference pain levels.

Use Pain Level Data to:

  • Follow up with clients and monitor treatment needs 
  • Validate lost wage estimates with pain reports
  • Calculate total damages with accurate accounts of suffering

Track Treatment Status

Know when a client undergoes treatment and when it has finished. Injury records support treatment status updates so agents can make detailed reports of recovery costs and requirements.

Treatment data located right inside case details.

Use Treatment Status to:

  • Log doctors & facilities as case parties 
  • Document specific treatment methods used
  • Define ongoing, finished, or future treatments
  • Compare treatment to pain levels experienced over time

Knowing exactly where a client is in relation to their pain and treatments is crucial to gaining their trust in your representation. Injury information is often also needed to depict total damages incurred by the client through lost wages, emotional distress, and medical costs. Use Litify’s Injuries & Treatments object to take your personal injury practice to the next level!

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