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Litify’s Top 5 Favorite Features From Salesforce Spring ’18 Release

by: Litify

February 12, 2018

The Salesforce Spring ‘18 release is out, and we’re excited about the new features for Litify users! Your Litify users are the gears that keep your company moving. Intake agents, paralegals, case managers, attorneys, administrators–these users’ day-to-day work and experience on the Litify platform drive your success.

The Salesforce Spring ’18 release adds many features that enhance user experience and provide tools to customize user experience, navigation, and collaboration across the platform. Have you been wondering which tools to incorporate from this release? We’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of our five favorite features:

1. Customize Your Litify Theme and Tabs

Create a theme to express yourself and your firm with brand images and colors. Edit your brand image, brand colors, page background image, and default avatar image. Pick the colors and images you want to see on Litify and personalize your experience. For more info about custom themes, read this article.

It’s this simple:

Along with custom themes, you can now create custom tabs to navigate to areas of Litify you access the most. Need quick access to an intake you’re working on for the day? Add a tab for it. Increase your efficiency when you choose your own navigation and accessibility.

Add a tab that links to referrals directly from matters. Create temporary tabs to specific intakes that disappear when you delete them or log out. Or, create permanent tabs that are unique to your navigation. Check out this article about custom tabs.

2. Search for Email Content

Information is your most important asset on Litify. What was that case info you emailed to your managing attorney three months ago? Pinpoint exact email content by searching for the following fields from an email: From, Address, Subject, Text Body, and more.

Simply search for the content in the search bar, click more on the search results page, then locate Email Messages. Gain wider access to your information and never lose track of conversations. Here’s some more info about searching emails.

Take a look:

3. Set Visibility Rules For Features

Don’t worry, admin, you get some new tools in this release, too. You can now set visibility rules for features such as Questionnaires, Time Entries, Roles, and all other Litify tools. Establish rules for removing or granting access to every tool based on a user’s profile or information on an intake or matter.

For example, enable Time Entries based on the profile of the user viewing a matter. Or, hide Time Entries based on the Case Type or Status on a matter. Fine-tune access across Litify to customize every user’s experience. Here’s an article with more info about setting visibility rules.

4. Create Macros to Automate Tasks

Macros are a new feature on Salesforce, and we know you’re going to love them. Build macros to quickly update and edit intakes, parties, or anything else on Litify via the Macros link on the utility bar. Macros complete scripted actions, saving you time when you only need to click one button to complete a series of steps.

Build a macro that automatically logs a call and sends a follow-up email to a potential client after a phone screening. Think about all those wasted clicks you can automate for your intake agents. Macros are a huge feature with huge potential to enhance your operations. Take a look at this article about macros, or this article for using quick text with macros.

Here’s a macro in action:

5. Collaborate with Shared Calendar Events and Chatter Links

You can now edit events on shared calendars directly from the calendar view. Check out coworkers’ events and update them without leaving the calendar.

For example, a paralegal working on a matter can edit a meeting on an attorney’s shared calendar, helping them coordinate and collaborate seamlessly. Read this article for more information about shared calendars.

You’ll also see some improvements on Chatter in the latest release. Sharing Chatter posts now includes a Copy Link feature that creates a link to information about the Chatter post. Keep your teammates aware of important case information, so everyone stays on the same page. Take a look at more information about the Copy Link feature.

Build Your Firm with Litify and Salesforce

When you use Litify, you gain access to Salesforce releases in addition to frequent Litify releases. Spring ‘18 provides even more tools to create your own experience and customize your Litify operations. Empower your users and continue growing with Litify and Salesforce.

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