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Litify And Proof: Automating Your Service of Process

by: Litify

June 8, 2022

Law firms are becoming more efficient by automating their busy work, like document management and service of process, with the power of Litify and Proof. Read on for an overview of each platform and then a deep-dive into the integration between them.

But first, why do law firms need legal technology now?

Historically, legal professionals have been hesitant to adopt technology, but more recently, there’s been an incredible rush of adoption from those professionals and their law firms. In fact, Eric Voogt, CEO and Co-Founder of Proof was a litigator himself for 20 years and has seen the perception of legal tech change firsthand. Why is that?

In today’s legal market, clients are demanding more from their lawyers while law firms grapple with increased demand and fewer attorneys. Technology has become a must — eliminating many of the repetitive, mundane tasks and enabling firms to do more with less or produce even higher returns than in the past. And with 80% of the US being unable to afford a lawyer, there is a huge opportunity to more efficiently deliver those legal services.

What is Litify?

Litify is the end-to-end legal operating platform that breaks down business silos to power better process, collaboration, insight, and performance. It’s the only legal platform that offers tailored solutions for law firms, in-house legal teams, government agencies, and nonprofits. Our vision is to connect the entire legal ecosystem and drive those improved outcomes for legal teams and their clients.

A lot of legal work is happening in silos. From paralegals, attorneys, and partners, to the different practice areas and departments, it’s often difficult to share and understand insights. Litify is breaking those silos to help companies:

  • Improve processes and collaboration, internally and externally
  • Centralize case and company information into one platform
  • Gain real-time access to data and operational insights
  • Improve their financial performance through the power of automation

Litify also comes with a library of integrations that allow firms to plug in additional technologies and further extend the power of the platform — including Proof!

What is Proof?

Proof is an automated, nationwide service of process platform, providing transparency and verification of a serve from start to finish. Law firms cannot start a case or cannot have a star witness show up if service of process isn’t done quickly, efficiently, and pursuant to the rules. And Eric heard the complaints from clients and paralegals at his law firm about the time-consuming process of finding process servers in every part of the country where they needed to serve a case, or where they needed to serve a subpoena.

Each service of process job required phone calls and emails to locate process servers close to each defendant, negotiate prices, and then to find out status updates. Proof took the TaskRabbit or Uber model and created a supply of vetted, background checked, licensed, and experienced process servers who now help over 4,500 law firms with this process on Proof’s platform. All a law firm has to do is upload the documents they want served — where they’re read by a machine learning algorithm that pulls out all the needed information — and hit submit. The technology finds the process server closest to each of those defendants’ addresses and the law firm can track in real-time every attempt that’s made on their dashboard on their computer or mobile phone.

Litify and Proof: Automating your service of processs

With the Litify and Proof integration, you’ll see all your in-progress jobs on the Litify dashboard. You’ll see what stage they’re in, whether they’ve been assigned to a process server, if they’re in-progress, pending notary, or completed.

When you go into a matter, you’ll also find all the serves for that particular matter in the same place you’re already doing the rest of your work. You don’t have to navigate to a different platform to begin, manage, or continue serving someone. Litify serves as the operating platform, the foundation for where all this information lives, Proof lets you extend all that out to an area that used to be completely disconnected.

If you click further into a specific service job, you’ll see everything that’s happened for that serve. You can see every attempt with geo-locations, timestamps, photographs, and a description of what happened at this attempt. Anyone on your team has access to the same information, they don’t need to email an attorney or office manager to understand what’s happening in the serve process. And, you can chat directly with the server and Proof’s team in each job – no more emails or phone calls to know the status of a serve.

And you can create a new job using this integration without re-entering any of the information intro Proof. All the documents and information are already in Litify, so with the click of a button, you can send a new job to Proof and receive the Affidavit of Service back into Litify.

Learn more in our on-demand webinar with Proof CEO and Co-Founder Eric Voogt and Litify VP of Innovation and Strategy Dov Slansky.

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