Introducing LitifyGo: A Turnkey Remote Work Solution

More and more law firms are realizing the importance of having a mobile, cloud-based solution—one that allows them to work from home, on the road, and in court as needed. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made cloud-based software a business essential. 

Law firms are currently experiencing an unprecedented and rapid change in day-to-day operations. They need help to support a new remote workforce, and they need it now. LitifyGo, the newest offering from Litify, was built with them in mind. 

Designed to help law firms make the seamless transition from the office to remote working, LitifyGo is a mobile turnkey solution. Fully cloud-based, with the essential features of our practice management platform, LitifyGo enables organizations to operate at their highest potential. Automate your intake process, optimize matter workflows, produce hundreds of analytic reports, and so much more.  

Litify Essentials in One Easy-to-Implement Package

LitifyGo is an out-of-the-box solution that helps law firms unlock the productivity of an at-home workforce. It has all of the key Litify features you need to succeed, in one easy-to-implement package. Your firm will quickly enjoy the benefits of next-generation cloud technology.

CRM: Centralize all contact and party information in one searchable database accessible to all registered users. Collaborate using Chatter, a built-in social network that relates conversations to specific matters.

Intakes: Transform client onboarding with the help of pre-built questionnaires that guide staff to ask the right questions. Case Qualifying Criteria ensure you take on the right clients every time, while our DICE application shows your intakes team who to call and when.

Matter Management: Litify matter plans allow your team to handle each case with the same level of detail and precision. Create transparency around case statuses, tasks, employee workload, and client outcomes through the entire case lifecycle.

Real-Time Analytics: Make data-driven decisions to grow your business with dynamic dashboards and hundreds of pre-built reports. Key tracking metrics make remote working more transparent than ever—know who is doing what and when.

Powered by the Salesforce Cloud

Built on, LitifyGo makes it simple to transition your in-office workflow into your home work station. Trusted by organizations like American Express and the U.S. Department of Defense, Salesforce offers users unparalleled mobility and security.

Mobility: In addition to accessing LitifyGo from any Internet browser, users can also access their records from Salesforce’s fully native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Security: Salesforce’s two-factor authentication and data encryption protect your sensitive data from hackers. All LitifyGo records are also regularly backed up to multiple physically secure data centers so that if a disaster occurs, your firm will be up and running in no time.

Don’t struggle with the piecemeal effort of trying to operate your law firm on the fly. Unlock your company’s full potential with a ready-to-use platform today.  

Ready To Experience The Benefits of Law Firm Management Software?

Learn how LitifyGo can revolutionize your company’s remote workforce and transform your at-home efficiency—let’s talk.

Personal Injury Matters Release : Injuries and Treatments

Introducing the Injuries & Treatments Object

Your clients reach out to you to be heard, understood, and championed. But they also need help throughout the process of their case and overall recovery. In order to help you provide the best service for your clients, Litify’s legal platform now supports a dedicated Injuries & Treatments object. Easily document personal injuries and ensure your whole team is on the same pageregardless of who picks up the phone when a client calls. 

Read on to see how Litify’s Injuries & Treatments object can add a competitive edge to the way you approach personal injury law.


injuries and treatments object

Easily navigate to the injuries tab within a matter.



Monitor Pain Levels

Monitor reported injuries by checking in with your client about their pain levels. In a matter of seconds, agents can review and create time-stamped records of how your client is feeling.


Quickly update and reference pain levels.


Use Pain Level Data to:

  • Follow up with clients and monitor treatment needs 
  • Validate lost wage estimates with pain reports
  • Calculate total damages with accurate accounts of suffering


Track Treatment Status

Know when a client undergoes treatment and when it has finished. Injury records support treatment status updates so agents can make detailed reports of recovery costs and requirements.

Treatment data located right inside case details.


Use Treatment Status to:

  • Log doctors & facilities as case parties 
  • Document specific treatment methods used
  • Define ongoing, finished, or future treatments
  • Compare treatment to pain levels experienced over time


Knowing exactly where a client is in relation to their pain and treatments is crucial to gaining their trust in your representation. Injury information is often also needed to depict total damages incurred by the client through lost wages, emotional distress, and medical costs. Use Litify’s Injuries & Treatments object to take your personal injury practice to the next level!

Introducing Docrio

Docs Made Delightful

Document management tools have been around for a long time, but solutions sold to Law Firms are almost always 3rd party integrations. These solutions are built to serve a general audience—they work, but may not fit your exact use case or ideal workflow. Buying a 3rd party tool also means one more vendor contract to manage, one additional integration to maintain. Is it worth it in the long run?

Law firms powered by Litify know there’s a better way: Docrio.

Docrio is an intuitive document generation and management tool built for law firms – and it is native to the most powerful legal operating system available today. From attorneys to intake agents to paralegals, Docrio makes document management delightful for everyone that touches a case, and is built to work the way your firm works. Read on to learn just a few ways Docrio can prepare your firm for the future.

Strategize, Don’t Search


Waste less time tracking down case details and focus more on case strategy. Juggling disparate file systems and rummaging through emails are a thing of the past. Docrio centralizes all relevant documents associated with a case within Litify’s legal platform; simply navigate to your active case to get everything you need.

Docrio Improves Case Organization With:

  • Case-specific folders & file categories
  • Multi-version documents
  • File favorites
  • Instant preview

Create Documents Easily

Automate document creation with Docrio’s Document Generation tool. Templates can be built for any scenario and support multi-conditional logic and rules. Need to add unique verbiage on the fly? Docrio templates also allow freeform text so agents can tailor each document to say exactly what it needs to.

Docrio Simplifies Document Creation With:

  • Default, out-of-the box templates
  • Conditional text insertion that addresses all scenarios
  • One-click edit app for quick document reversioning
  • Share documents quickly and securely

Drag, Drop, Done

Last but not least, Docrio makes it simple for you to get started. Simply drag and drop your files from your computer into Docrio, and you’re done. With bulk edit and upload functionality, you can easily rename files and assign categories or subcategories. Once uploaded, you can immediately find and preview uploaded docs.

Docio Makes Document Management Easy With:

  • Single or Bulk Upload
  • Renaming and categorization
  • Immediate search and preview

We’re excited to offer Docrio as part of the Litify platform, an all-in-one solution to help transform your law firm and improve your client experience. As an early adopter told us, Docrio helped solve 95% of his document related headaches – let’s find out what Docrio can do for you!