Litify Referral Network Surpasses 1,000 Daily Referrals

Litify’s referral network (LRN) has recently surpassed 1,000 daily referrals. Each day, hundreds of law firms from across the country are connecting with one another in an effort to place the right cases in the right hands — all while seeking to serve the good of the client.

LRN’s member network has steadily grown over the years. In a grassroots, word-of-mouth style, Litify has been able to construct the most trusted and expansive referral network for law firms throughout all 50 states. Launched over two years ago, the LRN platform was Litify’s first available product and has revolutionized how law firm engagement is carried out within the legal space. In doing so, LRN’s free model has developed an open digital territory that has enabled law firms of varying specialties and sizes to cross paths in an equally beneficial way.

Interested in Joining Litify’s Referral Network?

Joining the world’s biggest and most effective law firm referral network is both simple and free. With the opportunity to gain new business and develop new industry partnerships, joining the LRN is an easy decision.


With an expanding member network of law firms of all sizes from across the country, Litify has been proud to cultivate this web and mobile-based platform that enables the community of law professionals to grow their client base. As the LRN has surpassed 1,000 daily referrals, the member base of law firms is expected to increase alongside the success of its existing participants.

The LRN is the Right Choice for Your Law Firm

LRN simplifies the referral process in a centralized online portal. In doing so, law firms are able to send referrals with a few clicks, while receiving law firms are able to quickly analyze referral applications and determine if the client case is a fit or not. With built-in success metrics, referral status monitoring, and email notification integration, members are loaded with features that enable them to make data-driven decisions when sending and receiving referrals.

“We are beyond excited to continue to grow the LRN and promote collaboration and partnership among all law firms in America over a single unified digital environment”
– Dan Shainker, Esq., LRN Product Manager

The LRN system provides comprehensive functionality to member firms and streamlines an often otherwise arduous referral process. Using the LRN is beneficial to:

  • Maintain comprehensive records of all referrals in one application
  • Receive and send more referrals when you join the Litify Referral Network
  • Monetize every referral by setting customizable referral agreements
  • Enhance your relationships with partner firms with Litify’s built-in success metrics
  • Receive referrals that are appropriate for your firm

While the LRN platform has transformed the referral system for good, it continues to receive updates that enhance the experience and capabilities of users. Substantial improvements have been made in the last 30 days, with a plan to unleash more powerful features to the LRN in the coming months. As a core piece to the Litify suite of products, the LRN will continue to see platform-specific upgrades throughout its lifetime.

Commonwealth Community Trust Named the Non Profit Organization of 2018 was created as a way for us to provide access to best in class technology, data and resources to non-profit legal organizations. This year at our annual LitiQuest event, we presented Commonwealth Community Trust with Litify’s first ever Non-Profit Organization award.  CCT provides pooled special needs trusts to their clients. Learn more about our partnership below. also ensures that each account executive on the Litify team brings on one new non-profit partner per-year. Litify also empowers our employees to give back through giving each employee one paid week per year to work for a cause they believe in. Visit to learn more or apply to be our next nonprofit partner!

Litify’s Top 5 Favorite Features From Salesforce Spring ’18 Release

The Salesforce Spring ‘18 release is out, and we’re excited about the new features for Litify users! Your Litify users are the gears that keep your company moving. Intake agents, paralegals, case managers, attorneys, administrators–these users’ day-to-day work and experience on the Litify platform drive your success.

The Salesforce Spring ’18 release adds many features that enhance user experience and provide tools to customize user experience, navigation, and collaboration across the platform. Have you been wondering which tools to incorporate from this release? We’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of our five favorite features:

1. Customize Your Litify Theme and Tabs

Create a theme to express yourself and your firm with brand images and colors. Edit your brand image, brand colors, page background image, and default avatar image. Pick the colors and images you want to see on Litify and personalize your experience. For more info about custom themes, read this article.

It’s this simple:

Along with custom themes, you can now create custom tabs to navigate to areas of Litify you access the most. Need quick access to an intake you’re working on for the day? Add a tab for it. Increase your efficiency when you choose your own navigation and accessibility.

Add a tab that links to referrals directly from matters. Create temporary tabs to specific intakes that disappear when you delete them or log out. Or, create permanent tabs that are unique to your navigation. Check out this article about custom tabs.

2. Search for Email Content

Information is your most important asset on Litify. What was that case info you emailed to your managing attorney three months ago? Pinpoint exact email content by searching for the following fields from an email: From, Address, Subject, Text Body, and more.

Simply search for the content in the search bar, click more on the search results page, then locate Email Messages. Gain wider access to your information and never lose track of conversations. Here’s some more info about searching emails.

Take a look:

3. Set Visibility Rules For Features

Don’t worry, admin, you get some new tools in this release, too. You can now set visibility rules for features such as Questionnaires, Time Entries, Roles, and all other Litify tools. Establish rules for removing or granting access to every tool based on a user’s profile or information on an intake or matter.

For example, enable Time Entries based on the profile of the user viewing a matter. Or, hide Time Entries based on the Case Type or Status on a matter. Fine-tune access across Litify to customize every user’s experience. Here’s an article with more info about setting visibility rules.

4. Create Macros to Automate Tasks

Macros are a new feature on Salesforce, and we know you’re going to love them. Build macros to quickly update and edit intakes, parties, or anything else on Litify via the Macros link on the utility bar. Macros complete scripted actions, saving you time when you only need to click one button to complete a series of steps.

Build a macro that automatically logs a call and sends a follow-up email to a potential client after a phone screening. Think about all those wasted clicks you can automate for your intake agents. Macros are a huge feature with huge potential to enhance your operations. Take a look at this article about macros, or this article for using quick text with macros.

Here’s a macro in action:

5. Collaborate with Shared Calendar Events and Chatter Links

You can now edit events on shared calendars directly from the calendar view. Check out coworkers’ events and update them without leaving the calendar.

For example, a paralegal working on a matter can edit a meeting on an attorney’s shared calendar, helping them coordinate and collaborate seamlessly. Read this article for more information about shared calendars.

You’ll also see some improvements on Chatter in the latest release. Sharing Chatter posts now includes a Copy Link feature that creates a link to information about the Chatter post. Keep your teammates aware of important case information, so everyone stays on the same page. Take a look at more information about the Copy Link feature.

Build Your Firm with Litify and Salesforce

When you use Litify, you gain access to Salesforce releases in addition to frequent Litify releases. Spring ‘18 provides even more tools to create your own experience and customize your Litify operations. Empower your users and continue growing with Litify and Salesforce.

Litify Secures $5 Million in New Funding, Continues Rapid Growth

Less than a year after launching, Litify has already disrupted the legal industry by transforming hundreds of law firms into modern, high-performing businesses.

We look to build on our strong early growth in 2017, and to that end are pleased to announce a $5 million funding round from Fortress Investment Group, LLC that will help us make Litify’s best-in-class legal software solutions even better.

Built on the platform, Litify’s software is designed to give law firms greater insights and transparency into their operations and to improve operational efficiency. With Litify, lawyers spend less time on organizational tasks and more time on the practice of law.

“Current legal software is either not malleable enough or is built on very old technology,” explains Litify Chief Product Officer Steven Mandel. “Litify is the first truly customizable enterprise grade cloud software available on the legal market.”

See How Litify Works

Law Firms Facing Market Pressures

Relatively soft legal services demand coupled with more practicing lawyers is creating an increasingly competitive legal services market that’s forcing law firms to improve efficiencies.

Firms have responded in a variety of ways to these market forces, including outsourcing legal tasks, altering client fee structures, and cutting back on staff.

But many firms have overlooked technology as a way to shore up inefficiencies and increase productivity. Using technology such as cloud apps, mobile functionality, social collaboration, and smart web tools, Litify allows firms to seamlessly incorporate project management principles and bring a business mindset to their daily operations.

In the same way that companies like Uber and Amazon used technology to disrupt the transportation and retail industries, Litify is a tool for disrupting the legal industry.

“Although they may have embraced technology to some extent in their marketing efforts, many firms continue to take the approach of, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,’ when it comes to managing their day-to-day functions,” says Litify Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ryan Hallman. “But as more and more firms reap the benefits of incorporating legal technologies into their practice, firms that do not follow suit will be at a real disadvantage.”

From customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation functionalities, to referrals, intakes, reporting, and finance, Litify is designed to help firms stay relevant in an industry with a growing need to consistently generate ROI from accounts. Our data-driven software has some truly unique features that help us stand out from the competition, including unlimited extensibility via the Salesforce app, dynamic questionnaires, and a referral app to streamline your business.

“Our mission is to provide transparency and the ability to deliver a consistent, predictable client experience,” says Mandel. “We will both provide better outcomes to clients and allow law firms to be more efficient and increase profits, by saving time on automated tasks, signing more cases, and generating more revenue per case.”

Business Technology for the 21st Century Law Firm

Litify combines the visions of legal industry veterans Reuven Moskowitz and John Morgan (founder of Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s largest personal injury law firm) and software entrepreneur Ryan Hallman. Moskowitz is a Columbia Law graduate and COO of 2,000-person law firm Morgan & Morgan. Hallman worked at Salesforce for 11 years in a number of leadership positions, most recently as Solution Strategy Director. A chance meeting between Reuven and Ryan (and a game-changing hypothetical question) inspired them to join forces on a mission to transform the legal industry. They are joined by a growing team of some of the top technology, legal, and sales talent in the country.

In 2017 Litify is focused on product enhancements, including stepped-up customer support and more fine-tuned software. Partnering with Fortress gives Litify the capital needed to continue to deliver best-in-class legal technology solutions and to spread our vision of business technology for the 21st century law firm.

Create your free Litify referrals app account.

What if Google Started a Law Firm?

Litify started with a simple question:
“What would it look like if Google started a law firm?”

Ryan Hallman, Chief Technology Officer

The question was put to me in 2015 by Litify founder and Morgan & Morgan COO Reuven Moskowitz.

At the time, I was a 10-year veteran of struggling through my green card application after moving to the U.S. from Australia.

Working with teams of lawyers during the green card process gave me a firsthand look at the technology gap that’s holding back the legal industry. While the lawyers I was working with had brilliant minds, they were equipped with 1990s-era technology. These technological shortcomings helped turn what should have been a two-year visa process into a five-year process.

With this experience as a backdrop, I was serendipitously brought into a sales call with a man who wanted to transform the legal industry. That man — Reuven Moskowitz — was laying out a vision for using the tools that modern businesses take for granted (e.g., cloud apps, mobile functionality, social collaboration) to deliver transparency and a business mindset to his law firm.

Reuven described embracing clients with technology at every stage of the engagement and using smart web tools to bring his firm closer to clients than ever. He talked about using modern software to enforce and monitor processes to make sure legal matters were always dealt with at the highest standard.

Among other things, Reuven wanted to use artificial intelligence to predict the value of a case, mobile apps and portals for clients and partner firms to get real time visibility and collaboration, and reports and insights for delivering key metrics.

When I asked him what I should architect for him, he replied:

“What would it look like if Google started a law firm? That is what we want.”

Reuven’s question was the “aha” moment that drove the genesis of what we now describe as “The Google Law Firm” (or the “Amazon Law Firm” or the “Uber Law Firm”).

Just as those companies used technology solutions to completely reshape their respective industries, Salesforce wanted to build a technology framework that would enable the most high-tech, high-performing law firm in existence.

Over several months the Salesforce team designed technology tailored to the legal industry. Reuven’s firm was the first to adopt the new technology. It transformed the organization, helping the attorneys land high value cases, streamline their operations, and grow closer to their clients.

We weren’t satisfied with transforming a single law firm, though. We wanted to transform the entire legal industry.

The rest is history. But the 21st century law firm is just getting started.

I left Salesforce in May 2016 and joined Reuven as Litify’s second employee. We spent nine months building, architecting, coding, and recruiting a team of some of the best minds in the legal and technology industries.

Our early success, which includes thousands of users across hundreds of firms, confirms that there is truly a need for the legal software revolution that Reuven envisioned — and that I excitedly embraced — back in 2015.

Fresh off a strong funding round, we are poised in 2017 to continue building Litify into the best-in-class software that helps law firms transform into high performing businesses.
If you too are intrigued by the power of tech to transform law, I invite you and your firm to join us in redefining how law firms operate as businesses. I look forward to embarking with you on this journey.

Try a free demo at

Introducing… the Litify Blog!

Hello readers — welcome to Litify’s first blog post. We’re excited to get this thing going and deliver content designed to help you bring your legal practice into the future…

What to expect

Our blog will cover a wide range of topics — we aim to be your go-to resource for insights to grow your firm into a high-performing business. Among other things, you can expect…

  • education on utilizing software to improve your firm’s matters, intakes, referrals, insights, and client communication
  • How Litify is helping law firms succeed
  • An inside peek at our company culture

As the Salesforce legal partner, Litify’s team is comprised of technology buffs, business mavens, former Salesforce employees, and law professionals. Which means you’ll reap the benefits of our wide-ranging expertise — plus, we’re excited to help you succeed.

It’s quite a combination, but this is what makes Litify stand out from the clutter. We’re extremely passionate about what we do: bringing lawyers the most effective solutions to transform their firms into more profitable modern-day businesses.

Whether you’re using Litify now or are coming here to see what we’re made of, our blog is meant to bring you information that will help you to understand the role that technology is playing in the legal world today. By putting our tips into practice, you will be able to run your firm in a more streamlined way.

As Litify is built around open communication between you and your clients, our goal is to bring that same sense of transparency to you by providing information that can help you to make better use of our platform. We appreciate your feedback and comments to help make this blog useful for you, our valued readers.