ABA Techshow 2020 Roundup

March 3, 2020

The 34th edition of the ABA’s technology conference set up shop alongside Lake Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois. The four-day event kicked off last Wednesday (Feb. 26), and concluded on Saturday (Feb. 29), with thousands of attendees walking away now in the know of the latest and greatest technology advancements making waves within the legal space. 

Designed to be the intersection for attorneys, legal professionals, and technology, the ABA Techshow seeks to help introduce real-world solutions for attendees. With ways to improve practice efficiency, client experience, and daily life management, conference attendees discover new opportunities to maximize their overall job performance and satisfaction. 

With wide appeal, the ABA Techshow provides informative talks, interactive booths, and more — catching the eye of almost anyone within the legal space. This year’s event was headlined by Google’s Director of Legal Operations, Technology & Strategy, Mary Shen O’Carroll. The keynote speaker’s address centered around the rise of legal operations and how the need for technology innovation is the driving force toward the improvement of legal service.  

Legal Buzz: Case Prediction Software 

One topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention is legal case prediction technology. Litigation analytics was a major topic of conversation at this year’s conference. With the legal industry looking to better qualify cases and predict outcome probability, the calling to shift toward deep analytic software continues to gain widespread momentum. Dubbed as the next transformative change within the legal space, this type of machine learning software opens up new possibilities for every law firm. 

Rooting the idea of a case outcome in a statistical framework will revolutionize how lawyers handle cases. With deep analytics delivering predictive starting points, law firms become equipped with a historically accurate basis for how to approach their cases. Coupled with the expertise of lawyers, outside information, public opinion and trends, final determinations on case outcomes will be better forecasted in the coming years. 

Other Conference Highlights 

Started three years ago, the ABA Techshow unrolled a special event titled “Women of Legal Tech Summit.” The one-day symposium brings women within the legal tech industry together to discuss ideas, issues, and solutions. The networking opportunity aims to close the gender gap within the legal tech world, helping empower women to become prominent voices within the male-dominated sector. 

The trade show also highlighted Resolution 115, urging State Supreme Courts, State Bar Associations, and regulators to look for ways to innovate in the legal space. Purposed to ensure there is greater access to justice, this makes the delivery of legal services more effective in order for more people to be served. The resolution seeks to leverage the collection of data to better enhance the service law firms are able to administer. 

May 1st is Law Day. The ABA uses this day for nationwide public education and celebration of law. This year, Law Day will highlight the 19th Amendment and the indispensable role voting plays in the foundation of an equal democracy. The tech show noted how law firms and attorneys are the torchbearers to the success of civil service education.

This year’s conference sessions covered a variety of topics but largely focused on how technology can improve the lives of employees and unlock greater data significance. Specific discussions included: Lawyer Well-Being, Human Skills, Artificial Intelligence, Litigation, Analytics, and more.

As has become the tradition, the ABA Techshow concluded with the “60 in 60” session. In a brief 60 minutes, conference speakers outlined some of the most exciting, useful tips, sites, apps, devices, and products designed to help improve productive work and home lives for those in the legal space. Some highlights included the “Bracelet of Silence” used to interfere with the reception of listening programs like Alexa and Siri, and goodbits.io, a site designed to quickly create newsletters.

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