5 Immediate Benefits to Law Firm Management Software

January 14, 2020

By: Caroline Cornell

Law firms succeed based on relationships — both external and internal. With the start of a new decade, law firms are looking for ways they can better cultivate and nurture both new and existing relationships. Investing in law firm management software offers a practice immediate benefits, as well as a long-term solution to several antiquated hurdles that exist within the legal field.

By implementing law firm management software, legal professionals are able to usher in a new generation of productivity and security. In doing so, firms are able to better collaborate with colleagues and communicate with clients, furthering their ability to build successful relationships in-and-out of the industry. The solution that management software provides is spreading to law firms across the country. According to recent surveys by the American Bar Association, technology spend is quickly rising — 48 percent of law firms had increased their budget from the prior year, and as a whole, 53 percent of reporting law firms use management software.

Let’s begin to analyze and deconstruct what makes law firm management software attractive and effective.

The five points we’ll examine include:

  • Improved Company Workflow
  • Stronger Security
  • Centralization of Tools
  • Referral Management
  • Enhanced Client Experiences

1. Improved Company Workflow

One of the biggest impediments facing law firms that do not use management software is a disordered workflow or an altogether lack of one. Standard operating procedures are key contributors to efficiency and consistency. Haphazard workflows limit the capabilities of lawyers and cause growth stagnation within a firm. Document management systems bring a new level of autonomy over a firm’s internal processes.

Litify’s legal management platform empowers law firms to have a say in exactly how their workflows function — from intake to settlement. A custom-built Litify workflow aims to provide firms with:

  • Better Case Management and Tracking
  • Reduced Intake Time
  • Streamlined Processes for Employees
  • Process Automation

2. Stronger Security

Security concerns are healthy. Law firms must be conscious of the sensitive data they are handling on a daily basis. For the protection of themselves and their clients, firms need a 21st-century solution that can handle large amounts of complex data, but also provide end-to-end secure encryption. Litify provides both.

Built on Salesforce, the world’s most trusted and secure cloud-based platform, Litify is engineered to safeguard large quantities of administrative, financial, and personal case information. With nearly 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Salesforce, you are assured that your firm’s sensitive information is being protected within the industry’s best form of protection and support.

Litify security measures include:

  • 128 or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Encryption at Rest and in Transit
  • Dual Redundant Copies Stored in Two Geographically Diverse Locations
  • PCI-DSS L1 Compliance
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

3. Centralization of Tools

Even if law firms are not currently using management software, they are juggling between several other third-party applications in order to conduct daily business. From Outlook to QuickBooks and more, lawyers and support staff are constantly shuffling through numerous programs as they carry out tasks.

Introducing Litify’s platform at your law firm can immediately provide a simple to use solution. In addition to best-in-class built in features such as document management, intake questionnaires, case management, and expansive analytics and automation, the cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with your communication, finance, e-signature, and other tools. With the Litify platform, staff is better able to manage cases at a faster rate and at a higher volume with a centralized user interface and integrated environment.

The Litify platform also features fully customizable dashboards and reports to fit the needs of your firm. Now decision-makers are able to identify specific KPIs in quick snapshots, or in deep data-driven research in order to see how the firm is performing. These individualized dashboards and reports allow for around-the-clock understanding of marketing effectiveness, intakes, matters and more.

4. Management of Referrals

Referrals remain a tricky subject for many law firms across the country. Whether a firm’s strategy is to offload cases due to lack of specialization, or onboard more cases in an effort to develop an additional revenue stream — there seems to be confusion in how to do so. However, Litify’s platform has engineered a direct solution for both parties.

The Litify Referral Network (LRN), enables law firms of any size to send and receive case referrals to other firms throughout the country. With hundreds of law firms actively using the LRN, over 1,000 case referrals are exchanged every day.

Using the LRN is beneficial to:

  • Maintain comprehensive records of all referrals in one application
  • Receive and send more referrals
  • Monetize every referral by setting customizable referral agreements
  • Enhance your relationships with partner firms with Litify’s built-in success metrics
  • Receive referrals that are appropriate for your firm

5. Enhanced Client Relations

Not only do law firms see immediate benefits from management software, but so do their clients. Mounting frustration on the client-side is one of the most common barriers that prevent positive experiences between firms and their customers. Whether it be spotty communication, unclear timetables, or unmet expectations, these impediments can quickly be resolved with the help of management software.

Litify is built with client relations as a top priority. The platform gives firms the ability to manage and care for every client in an equal manner. With features like logic-based intake questionnaires, automated appointment/task reminders, client text messaging, e-signature, and more — law firms are able to unlock a new degree of customer satisfaction.

Ready To Experience The Benefits of Law Firm Management Software?

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